Hear why Helen made the switch to SYMTUZA®.

“I'm a busy person. One pill a day is the biggest reason why I switched. As a single mom, working and trying to do everything else, it's not easy to stop, take medication,stop, take medication…”

–Helen, SYMTUZA® patient

Whether your pill regimen isn’t quite right, you’re having trouble staying adherent, or your current treatment negatively affects your life, finding the right treatment can have long-term health benefits.

Not everyone finds the treatment that’s best for them right away. Use this guide and talk to your healthcare provider about your options to see if it is the right time to switch your medication.

Why switch to SYMTUZA®?

95% of patients icon
A study found:
of patients

who switched to SYMTUZA® stayed undetectable (<50 copies/mL) after 48 weeks.*

At the start of the trial, 763 of the patients switched to SYMTUZA®, while the remaining 378 continued on their previously prescribed treatment. The final measure of the study was to see the number of patients who remained undetectable after 48 weeks after switching to SYMTUZA®.

1% of patients taking SYMTUZA® stopped participating in the trial due to side effects compared to 1% of patients on their current treatment who stopped participating.

The most common drug-related side effects occurring in at least 2% of patients on SYMTUZA® were diarrhea and bone weakness. These are not the only side effects of SYMTUZA®.

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*There were patients who stopped the study for other reasons. 1% of patients didn’t stay undetectable (viral load <50 copies/mL), and among patients in the study who didn’t switch to SYMTUZA®, 94% stayed undetectable versus 1% who did not. The study looked at 1,141 patients already being treated for HIV and who were undetectable (<50 copies/mL) for at least 6 months.

Helen, Nathan and Danny, SYMTUZA® patients eating around a table
Helen, Nathan and Danny, SYMTUZA® patients eating around a table

Take steps to switch treatment.

If you and your healthcare provider decide that switching to SYMTUZA® is right for you, it's important to keep an open line of communication. Ask questions and voice your concerns as you make the switch. Remember: You have a say in your treatment decisions.

Danny, SYMTUZA® patient posing on stage
Danny, SYMTUZA® patient posing on stage
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