The Risk of HIV 
Drug Resistance

Anyone with HIV is at risk for missing doses, which could lead to developing drug resistance. Talk with your healthcare provider about treatment options with a high barrier to drug resistance.

What’s the risk?

Even if you only miss a few doses of your treatment, you can increase your risk for developing HIV drug resistance, which means:

Current HIV medication may stop working*

Future treatment options may become limited

HIV drug resistance can also be passed on to others

*This could cause your viral load to go up and your CD4+ cell count to go down, weakening your immune system.

Missing doses of your HIV treatment gives 
HIV a chance to change:

Things that could put you at risk for missing doses

Missing doses is one of the ways you can develop HIV drug resistance. There are many things that could make it difficult to take your HIV treatment every single day at the same time or exactly how your healthcare provider prescribes, like:

  • Traveling or spending the night away from home
  • Unpredictable work schedules
  • Having a hard time establishing routines
  • Wanting to keep your HIV status private
  • Being spontaneous with plans

Taking your medication at the same time every day isn’t always easy, but it’s not impossible. Reach out to those around you for support. Establish a regimen that helps you take your dose at the same time every day, and talk to your healthcare provider about other ways you can remind yourself.

Am I at risk?

Take this quiz to find out more about your risk for missing doses and how that may increase your risk for developing drug resistance. We’ll send you your results and other helpful information for you to review with your healthcare provider at your next appointment.


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